Artisan Aromatics

100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils Bottled by Hand in USA, since 1993.

Artisan Aromatics offers a beautiful array of essential oils, absolute oils, and the rare enfleurage oils which use a 19th century process of extracting aromatic oils from fragrant plant parts. I was drawn to this company by the simple fact that they sell samples of their oils so you can try them first and preserve these precious resources. They also purchase from small-scale farms in small batches.

Founded in 1993, Artisan Aromatics have been bottling their oils by hand and only after receiving orders. Their clientele consists of more than 50 hospitals and health care facilities, and they are one of the few essential oil companies that I have found that publish and make Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) readily available. 

If you like kits and collections, they have 5  available including  an Aromatherapy Inhaler Relax Collection!

I ordered the Mio Fan Aromatherapy Diffuser and Soapstone Bowl Aromatherapy Diffuser.  The items came is a cardboard box with brown paper as padding. The diffusers. My husband uses the Mio Fan in his office and loves it! It helps keep his office smelling fresh and is so quiet he sometimes forgets it’s running. The Soapstone Bowl Diffuser is beautiful! I have it on a table in the den and it works well in the smaller room.

I purchase diffusers from them mostly and appreciate the sample of oils they send with each purchase.  

Artisan Aromatics has a point reward program and is generous with discounts. They also have some great business opportunities available, like bulk purchasing and wholesale ordering.

Explore Artisan Aromatics’ fragrant selection of oils, blends, products and accessories at .

Aromatics International

Pure. Effective. Sustainable.

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I was introduced to Aromatics International while taking an online class from Aromahead Institute

Aromatics International started in 1994 to meet the needs of Aromahead Institute, and it became an option for aromatherapy students looking for organic, sustainably sourced essential oils.  As I see it, because their company is designed around students, their product line of essential oils is vast and their website is a wealth of information providing details about every batch they produce. You can learn a lot about oils just by exploring their website.

This family owned and operated business stays true to their mission of offering certified organic, organically grown, or wildcrafted oils from small-scaled distilleries in 60 different countries. They also grow their own certified organic lavender and work with local farmers for a handful of other products. Each batch of oils is GC/MS tested for quality. Their oils are some of the best I’ve used, and I love incorporating them in my blends. 

I’ll update this post with packaging info when I make my next purchase with them. 

I believe Aromatics International is an amazing EO company because of their vast selection of oils (and different chemotypes) available and their product transparency. I always feel confident buying from them and I recommend them often.

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SoBotanical Apothecary & Aromatherapy

Nourish Your Body & Mind

I discovered SoBotanical while in Maryland. Theresa Cangialosi, founder, had a beautiful store in Baltimore where I had the absolute privilege of meeting her.  Theresa’s passion for aromatherapy was inspiring, and I felt more entuned with oils that day than I ever had before.

Since their opening in 1987, they have stayed true to their mission of offering sustainably sourced (local when available), organic oils, free of pesticides and fungicides, priced at true market value. I love using their single note oils like Sweet Orange (Citrus aurantium dulcis), Bulgaria Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Atlas Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica). They have an impressive line of synergy blends that truly intrigue, like the Beta Blend made with Coffee (Coffee arabica) and Oakmoss (Evernia prunastri) oils.

SoBotanical’s Ethical Standards and Practices resonate with me. All of their packaging is reusable, recyclable and refillable. They even have a program where you can refill your products at a discount. I was impressed with their product mailing; the oils arrived safely to my home wrapped in a cute burlap sack with brown paper around them. No plastic! 

SoBotanical is one of only a few apothecary storefronts left in the United States that develop custom blends for clients.  Visit their website at