Stories about the essential oil blends in our homes & the native plants in our gardens.


  Dream of Floral Fields

A beautiful blend bursting with bright floral notes. It’s the perfect blend for when the great outdoors are calling your soul, but the weather is frightful and cold. Pair with a guided walking meditation!


 Lessons Learned: Desert Lavender

How a trip to a Lavender Festival led Kay to finding a lavender plant perfect for the Southern California inland chaparral climate. 


Autumn Spice Blend by barefut essential oils

This fall blend is filled with spicy aromas that not only bring warmth to your home, but can disinfect the air, too! Enjoy this awesome DIY blend and room spray from barefut essential oils.


October Blend – Dream of Fall

Fall is here! Finally! Enjoy this yummy diffuser blend with tangy tangerine, woodsy cedarwood, earthy frankincense, and spicy clove & cinnamon. Get cozy by the fire and bring the season of fall into your home with this warm, spicy blend.


Upcycled Mini Reed Diffuser – DIY October

Upcycling your essential oil bottles can be so easy with this mini reed diffuser DIY. This blog post gives how-to instructions to make your own mini reed diffuser and a recipe for my FAVORITE blend!


This Aromatic Journey with Essential Oils

We are proud to announce our new eWorkbook This Aromatic Journey with Essential Oils is on sale now.  It is unlike any essential oil ebook on the market. Filled with blending exercises and writing prompts designed to guide you through the process of creating personal aromatic blends that speak to your mind, spirit and soul. Happy Blending!


September Blend – Dream of New Moons

Welcome September! This diffuser blend features three of the most commonly used essential oils in aromatherapy: Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon. Add this blend to your diffuser and enjoy the uplifting scents of this trio.


August Blend – Dream of Summer

A citrus blend inspired by those found on the Mother Daughter Dearest blog.  This blend is bursting with the aromas of Sweet Orange, Grapefruit and Lime! A perfect addition to any summer party.


Lessons Learned: California Poppy Garden

Even native gardens and flower gardens need tending to thrive. The lessons Kay learned that helped save her native California poppy patch.


Kitchen Sponge Spray – DIY July

A fun DIY that cleanses your kitchen sponge. Rosemary, Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils add a refreshing scent while cleaning your kitchen sponge. Spray on it in the evening for a nice clean sponge in the morning.


Lessons Learned: Sage

White sage is extremely popular for smudging in and around homes, yet overharvesting is hindering this species survival rate. Kay discovers how she is helping this threatened plant species thrive again in her own backyard!