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Why I started Dream of Blends

Hi, I’m Dee! One of the founders of Dream of Blends and creator of all the amazing blend recipes on our Aromatic blog.

When I was first introduced to essential oils, I didn’t understand the gift our earth had given us. I was so wrapped up in the commercialization of oils that I missed out on what my soul & spirit could gain from them.

It wasn’t until I completed my Aromatherapy Certification in 2019 and took a three month hiatus from essential oils that I realized the fulfilling spiritual journey these oils could offer me.

Almost a year later, my use of oils has completely changed and I now use them with purpose, love and intention.

My mother and I started Dream of Blends because we wanted to get back to the roots of aromatherapy. We wanted to share aromatic ways that our bodies could receive the same therapeutic benefits from essential oils without ever having to apply them to our skin or ingest them. 

So I began crafting my own blend recipes for use in diffusers and aroma sprays. I found so much peace in the process of making my own blends that I wanted to share this passion with essential oil enthusiasts like you!

I launched the Dream of Blends website in Spring 2020 as a place to give information, offer tools and empower essential oil enthusiasts to create their own blends that fill their homes with peace, love and happiness. I say to use essential oils the way YOU want to use them (safely, of course) and you’ll continue to enjoy their benefits for many years to come.

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