Aromatic Oils

We love finding essential oil companies that share our beliefs in using organic, wildcrafted, and sustainably sourced oils.  Every oil speaks differently to us, and we would never recommend any products we wouldn’t use ourselves.

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Founded in 2010 to meet local need, barefut has flourished through online sales and word of mouth. They offer organically grown, ethically sourced essential oils at affordable prices. 

Aromatics International

Founded in 1994, Aromatics International offers certified organic, organically grown, or wildcrafted oils from small-scale distilleries around the world. 

SoBotanical Apothecary & Aromatherapy

Since their opening in 1987, SoBotanical has stayed true to their mission of offering sustainably sourced, organic oils, free of pesticides and fungicides, priced at true market value. 

Artisan Aromatics

Founded in 1993, Artisan Aromatics offers organic, wildcrafted or conventionally cultivated essential oils directly from small-scale farms and essential oil distilleries, and have SDS and GC-MS testing done on all of their essential oils. 

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